Commercial Real Estate August 10, 2023

6 New Businesses Open in Downtown Cobourg Today! Ribbon Cutting Events Attended!

Attended almost all the 6 businesses’ Ribbon Cutting 🎉Grand Openings in 🛍️ Downtown Cobourg this morning. Lots of great conversations and happy energy! Especially pleased for my client @Compassionate Heart Home Care for filling a very needed void in the area. If you are needing home care advice or PSW support be certain to reach out staff for their compassionate guidance. 🙏🫶 Some new owners literally just had pulled all nighters to be sure they can open today ~ a testament to their energy & likelihood for success since nothing will stop their drive! (Hope The Fabled Bean gets some rest soon ☺️ ) Their iced latte shocked me at first sip ~ it was soooo good. You can really taste the difference of the roast in their brew! Wow factor! I did not get to Mending Roots opening – or have a chance to sample Lalie’s & The Dutch today but I’ve enjoyed them so much at the Farmer’s Market before. I love how they transformed the former Dutch Oven space. Clothier retailer “Bon Bon” is a trip and I cannot wait to head back to the 90’s to shop there🛍️🙃 The gentlemen from Sense Home & Garden were looking as spectacular as their beautiful building did. All very regal, gracing the Main Street. I’m sorry I missed out on Mending Roots..but will drop by to learn more about their business soon. The paparazzi were all around – me being one! Hope you enjoy the random shots. There are better, more official photos to be shared around I’m sure. Due to schedule conflicts I missed the last 10 or so Grand Openings in the recent couple of months (sadly as many were my commercial clients.) I was very happy to be able to participate today. Its always a joyful time to wish new businesses well on their launch, which I used to do on behalf of the Chamber and/or when commercial clients launched. Nice to see the Mayor, Councillors, DBIA, and business partners out to support. Be sure to consider Downtown Cobourg as it just keeps getting more vibrant & successful. Many fantastic new businesses have launched. You may be quite surprised! Congratulations to all in this exciting phase. Thanks for letting us all welcome you.

Click this link to see photos of the events!