March 29, 2024

Good Friday

Working on a Good Friday as I have to get some listings up on MLS® It goes against the grain of my Catholic upbringing but at least I am hearing the Good Friday Church bells through the open window and the birds chirping gently. It is still cold and a little dark but it always usually is or it rains on Good Friday. Easter Weekend has always been a big thing in our family and in many cultures as well surrounding the spring and rebirth ideas. It seems a little early this year… I do like the symbolism of Good Friday even if it is usually a sombre day ~ but I try to think forward past the images of the day and the stage it sets is of hope for the future… The ideas of Jesus bearing the cross and his struggles on Good Friday in the Catholic religion and then the struggles end and he rises up on Sunday and is reborn to a new life. It is about an elevated spirit. Easter is a magical time after we experience (in Canada at least) the colder and darker days and dormant nature of winter, and it is about renwewal. This is a sense of renewed energy and hope in Spring and nature is fertile and growing again. I send hope and prayers or good thoughts or meditations to all for a joyful fresh spring start and for anyone having struggles be it mental or physical health or wealth or lack, I hope this seasons helps you to feel more abundant and much better. Happy Hoppy Easter to all.
This meme is funny for a little comic relief to an often reflective and more sad-feeling day ~ a little comic relief. I like Eddie Veder’s lyrics in the song Even Flow “someday soo, he’ll begin his life again!” Seems on point for today.