March 28, 2024

SOLD! Classic 1962 2-Storey Beach House now SOLD FIRM!

I was thrilled to get a call to work for the seller who I have known for a long time as a very successful Real Estate Broker and former Town Councilor for the Town of Cobourg. This legacy home was always an icon for me. I walked or rode my bicycle for years past this row of houses facing the beach while growing up in Cobourg.  Admittedly I was a total sun, sand, and water worshipper and a “beach bum” as we used to call it, straight out of the gate as a baby when my parents or siblings would take me to the beach to play, for picnics and swimming or sand castle building. I remain the same to this day!  It calms me to be at the beach ad lakefront, soothes the spirit. I know this is the same feeling for many. Although, I also had to work part time in teen age years, go to school, take dance classes, etc., you would usually find me at the beach in summer and even bundled up in winter taking magical photos of the water turned to frozen waves. We spent our summer swimming like fish, read books, wrote poetry, had picnics, played frisbee and volleyball, listened to music, hung out with family and later friends as we got older, pointed out images we saw up in clouds while laying on colourful beach towels on the soft sand, looked for constellations and watched fireworks at night on the beach. We rolled up our pants and walked in the shoreline waves, dreamed about life and plans for the future, talked about our crushes or later strolled with our crushes : ) The beach was sanctuary in  a small town and still is to this day. When I lived away for years, I spent many times coming home and enjoying the beach for weekend family visits. I moved back and walk the area constantly and enjoy the location I currently live in which is a 6 minute walk to toes in the sand. Now it will be just a few flip flop steps to the sand! Gazing at a full Moon over the lakefront is serene. Seeing all the joy on the beach and the sailing ships and boats from all over docked in the harbour as Cobourg has become an ever more popular Marina and destination for tourists is also lovely to watch. I am so happy to have worked on behalf of the seller who entrusted me with the hand-off of this legacy property. I appreciate all the great talks we have had during viewings and discussions over the course of the work involved to sell. I am even more excited and fully appreciate that they were happy to make a deal work with me in the end! I am thankful to him and his family.  I am overjoyed to now enjoy the Beach Life even closer and will continue to make happy memories there.