Uncategorized January 18, 2024

Keeping it Moving ~ Winning Awards

I received a Centurion®️Award 🏆 from Century 21 Canada for last year’s achievements!!! 🙏Thankful to all clients for placing their trust and confidence in my services. It’s been a pleasure to be part of your important goals. Overwhelmed and appreciative beyond words. The Award is a strong symbol representing extensive work. Last year it was an especially difficult market to navigate so I am a little shocked to have achieved this. The Award symbolizes many amazing connections made and lots of success for my clients. Thank you for the major support & encouragement from my brokerage, colleagues, friends & family. This is truly a wonderful feeling and I know it is just a statue but the symbol on my desk feels nice and I am taking a moment to pause, reflect and appreciate that good fortune I have had to work with some amazing people and to keep it moving (Had to say that as it was one of my Mom’s favourite expressions,)