Schools and Districts August 8, 2023

Kawartha Pine Ridge School Board SCHOOL DISTRICTS

Did you know there is a convenient app that has a map tool to help you see what schools are available for specific addresses – for any locations you are considering for your next home?  Contact me for more information if you are considering a move before the fall School season as I can help you navigate the locations and expedite your relocation as well as advise on the school access/options.  In the meantime this handy tool app may be useful to help you in your search.

Click the link below to take you to their page and the APP

“Elementary schools in Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board provide caring, supportive learning environments for students to learn and grow. Our secondary schools offer a variety of programs and initiatives that build on the strong learning foundation developed at the elementary level. We also have adult and alternative education centres operating out of three regional campuses.  The ‘Find A School’ app is a tool to help parents/guardians determine which school(s) their children should attend, based on their home address.”